The Lakeland Education Foundation is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds that can be used to enhance the education of students in District 272.

All contributions to the foundation are tax deductible. Individual contributors may be eligible to receive a tax credit from the state of Idaho for up to half of their contribution. Contributors may also make honorary gifts, bequests for memorial contributions.

Contributions may be made to the foundation’s Endowment Fund account. This fund remains intact, but the interest it generates adds to the total funding available to the foundation.

Contributions to the foundation’s general fund are used primarily for awarding scholarships to graduating seniors.  Secondarily, funds may be used for awarding grants to individual teachers, groups or schools. Besides donating to the general fund, contributions can also be designated for a particular school, classroom or program. One hundred percent of the funds contributed to the schools go to the schools.

Contributions to schools provide teachers with valuable resources for supplementing classroom instruction. Items funded may include such items as resource books, software, scanners, school assemblies, uniforms and costumes, microscopes, pianos, manipulatives, and student travel to educational conferences and competitions.

The success of the Education Foundation depends on the volunteer efforts of willing, dedicated people in the community. Individuals interested in the foundation may become involved by serving as a parent representative of a school, as a foundation board member or on a special committee. Meetings are open to the public. Contact us below for meeting times and dates.